'Twilight' infatuation or obsession?

It’s that time of year again when the weather starts changing, the kids get restless and there’s a distinct bite of love in the air …

I’m talking vampire time!

Last week the new trailer for the movie “Eclipse” premiered on “Oprah.” I watched a sneak-peak on People.com and the movie looks to be jam-packed with action, suspense and, of course, dangerous romance and forbidden love.

In this third installment based on Stephenie Meyers’ bestselling book “Twilight,” Victoria, a vampire enemy of Bella, has created a newborn vampire army to get revenge on her and the Cullens. Jacob and his wolf pack agree to take sides with Edward, her true love and his family and fight in order to protect Bella … because, of course, the wolf’s in love with her, too. (Oh the drama!)

Now I have to admit, while reading these novels I was very pro-Edward. I loved the cheesy “I’d die for you” attitude that Bella and Edward had. My husband would frequently look over at me (with my nose deep in the book unintentionally sighing intermittently, totally engrossed) and just roll his eyes and say, “You’re wishing I were more like Edward, aren’t you?” Sigh again.

What is it about young adult fiction that sucks me in every time? What was so crazy about the whole Twilight phenomenon was that it was a hot seller not only for young tween and teen girls, but married moms like me, too! Why is that? Perhaps there’s a little bit of Bella in all of us – craving adventure, danger, and fairy-tale romance.

I admit I was one of those obsessed fans who was at the midnight showing of “New Moon” with a friend of mine. As we were waiting in the line that wrapped clear around the building, we noticed a group of women sporting shirts that said, “My heart belongs to my husband … but my neck belongs to Edward. I thought: What in the world has gotten into us all?!

So as I was saying, I was an Edward fan, all the way, but I have to admit that as soon as Jacob stepped onto the screen, I had a slight change of heart. No, not just because he had his shirt off and was sporting washboard abs, but because I really liked the on-screen character of Jacob better than the Jacob I pictured in my head. Really. That’s why.

So, is this whole Twilight obsession harmless infatuation? Or has the fantasizing been taken too far?

“Eclipse” is released June 30. With so many mixed emotions left to sort out, I’m now left with this dilemma …

Edward or Jacob?

Utahn Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, a former contestant on “American Idol,” is a country signer and wife and mother. She writes about entertainment for the Deseret News.

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