A royal "I do"?

It has almost been five years since my husband popped the question and asked me to marry him.

I remember every detail of that day, and I also remember the pressure we had from family and friends wondering, When are they finally going to tie the knot?”

A year and half from day one to wedding day is apparently quite a long time — at least according to Utah standards — for a couple to date. I can’t imagine an entire country — make that countries — watching me, waiting for me to get engaged. Talk about pressure!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have dated for seven years. Their Katy Perry “Hot Cold” relationship has had everyone wondering: Will they or won’t they?

Well, the latest buzz is they will. Although nothing is confirmed, the buzz is that Prince William plans to propose this June. Of course, when questioned about it, Price William’s response is usually, “Wait and see.”

But perhaps the anxious public won’t have to wait too long.

According to British journalist Tina Brown, who writes for the Daily Beast, June 3-4 have been “mysteriously blocked out” on the palace calendar, which could indicate an engagement announcement with Middleton and the prince saying their “I do’s” in November.

But this is all just speculation.

There are interesting parallels to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship that mirror the prince’s own parents. Middleton is a common person, not born of royal lineage, as was Princess Di.

I’ve often wondered about the pressures of a woman marrying into the royal family, going from peasant to princess overnight. If I were Kate, I would want to be sure of the lifestyle I was choosing, and make sure I understood how much my life would change the moment I said “I do.”

I imagine the thought of becoming the wife of a king would be overwhelming. Heck, being married to the governor’s son has opened my eyes to the pressures of running a state — let alone a country!

So, while some say Middleton and Prince William have “commitment issues,” perhaps they’re simply doing what my husband and I did-being sure of their choice.

And with Prince William’s own parents having gone through a divorce, I imagine he’s being extra careful selecting his lifelong mate.

How long did you date your significant other before you tied the knot? Do you think there’s a specific amount of time you need to date in order to “be sure?” Or is time irrelevant?

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