My guilty pleasure

Every girl needs a guilty pleasure. I have several. My Kindle is probably No. 1, although on second thought, I don’t ever feel guilty for reading, unless I’m neglecting my family. Reading is good for you. A good book ignites the imagination and lets you step into someone else’s reality for a while … kind of like the “Bachelorette.”

OK, nothing like the “Bachelorette,” except for the stepping into someone’s “reality.” And while I guess the show tries its best to be as “real” as possible, let’s face it — it’s nothing like real life! It’s just pure entertainment — or torture, as my husband would say.

This year Ali Fedotowsky (a contestant on last year’s “Bachelor”) is the new “Bachelorette,” and with only two shows under its belt, this season promises to be an even bigger waste of time than the last. Throw in a pro wrestler nicknamed “Rater R,” a dramatic Parisian screenwriter and one angry weatherman, and you’re bound to have all the dude drama you can handle.

I’ve only watched few seasons of both the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette,” but seriously every time one ends I tell myself, “I am not watching that again.” And then a few months later I find myself pushing “record series” on my DVR, popping popcorn and calling my sister on Monday night to talk about who she likes best and, “Can you seriously believe she gave that creep a rose?!”

I honestly don’t know why I get so engrossed in such a fake show, but I think it’s because I love watching people fall in love. (Please note: I am using the term “love” very loosely here, probably just as loose as these contestants are.) I am a hopeless romantic for sure, but the thing that’s so ironic about the whole thing is that only two couples in the entire history of the “Bachelor” have actually stayed together and got married.

And come on. ANYONE would fall in love if they were sent to Rome on a private jet and then had an intimate dinner in a palace with a famous singer crooning in their ears as they danced the night away.

And how can you actually, seriously date multiple people at once? No relationship can last in such a superficial, planned out fairy-tale start … OK, TWO relationships have lasted with such superficial fairy-tale starts. And that probably won’t happen again.

But I’ll still be watching, just in case. …

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