Oh me, oh Miley.

My husband predicted it: “You just watch. The wholesome-sweet-‘head on straight’-good girl is one day going to turn into Britney Spears Part 2.”

Now I know Miley is still a far cry from a shaved head and custody battle, but as far as image is going, she seems to be taking the well-worn “Disney to diva” road.

As a tween sensation, I thought Miley showed a lot of potential, expertly balancing her budding career with alter ego personality “Hannah Montana.” She seemed to possess what other stars before her lacked: sustenance.

Then came her first Vanity Fair shot back in 2008 which set the stage for the hot pants and leotards she’s now sporting, although back then, Miley was “embarrassed” with showing so much skin and even went as far as to issue a statement apologizing to fans saying she “never intended for any this to happen.”

Well … she sure seems to have changed her tune.

In a recent London interview that has been all over the tabloids, Miley said this about her new look:

“I feel more comfortable dressing with a little less, which is just how I’ve always been … I’ve just grown up to be this way, too.”

I think growing up in the industry would definitely put a strain on a young teenage girl. When you’ve already “made it” so young, the pressure is on to constantly be changing your image, re-inventing yourself, and pushing the envelope a little farther. It’s not enough to be talented — you have to be different, constantly evolving yet always remaining “true to who you are.”

And finding out who that is can be a struggle for any teenager, let alone one who is constantly in the spotlight. In fact, in a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Miley said, “I don’t know exactly who that is yet.” Does any 17 year old?

I know some people think Miley’s new look and sound is great for a “young adult.” Her new music video, “Can’t Be Tamed,” is actually receiving pretty positive reviews from critics and fans alike. They like that she’s growing up and able to do racier videos.

But really, what does growing up have to do with being racy? I don’t think the two have to go hand in hand. I think Miley’s testing the waters right now, trying to see what kind of response she gets for being a little less sugar-coated.

I think the thing that’s really ironic is that one of the main lines in her new single, “Can’t be Tamed,” says over and over “Don’t change me …” but she’s done plenty of that herself.

Do you think the music industry has tainted Miley? Or do you think it’s natural for a teenage girl to try out her “bad side” and test the rebel waters? Are you disappointed with the career path she’s taking?

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