Why is 'Jersey Shore' popular?

It seems like every week, something new comes out about one of the reality stars on MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Someone got in trouble for fighting, someone’s now appearing on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” (they’re using the term “star” loosely this season, it seems) and now Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been fined $500 and has to perform community service for disruptive behavior at a beach.

Apparently, Snooki got drunk and went wobbling around uttering swear words, offending many beachgoers. She issued an apology and has already completed one day of community service by caring for abused animals at a zoo.

This whole incident makes me think two things: “OH BROTHER!”

First, I’ve never seen a single episode of “Jersey Shore.” So for all you fans out there, I apologize if I seem a bit naive on the whole ridiculous phenomenon that has become MTV’s No. 1 show in the past few years. What I want to know, having read stories like Snooki’s, having seen an episode of “Jay Leno” in which “The Situation” makes a guest appearance, and having heard the countless trashy rumors and gossip that surround this time-wasting show is how anyone can actually watch it and like it.
There are many time-wasting shows out there, and I admit I’ve seen a few! (Some may even say I appeared on one.) However, this to me is a show that does nothing to boost self-esteem, encourage talents or uplift others. It’s trash TV to the maximum degree.

Why then, is it so popular?

Really, I’m asking. Tell me why YOU do or do not watch “Jersey Shore.” And if I’m the only one that feels like I need a shower after hearing those two famous words.

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