Katy Perry vs. Elmo

If you’re a fan of “Sesame Street” (which most parents are), then you’re probably aware of the latest controversy – yes, controversy – that has surrounded the show recently.

Pop star Katy Perry agreed to appear as a guest on “Sesame Street” during a segment with Elmo in which Perry gets upset because Elmo doesn’t want to play dress-up with her. She changes the words to her hit “Hot N Cold,” and she and Elmo sing along together. I’m sure the producers originally thought it would be a cute, funny segment kids would laugh and sing along with.

However …

Katy is wearing a very low-cut green dress that had many parents raising their eyebrows. In fact, before “Sesame Street” aired the segment, it posted it on YouTube and received such a negative response from parents who complained that Perry’s outfit was not “appropriate” for young viewers that “Sesame Street” pulled the segment from the show.

I think it’s great that “Sesame Street” would take the time to actually listen to the concern of parents and then respond in their behalf. I agree with most parents that the outfit she wore was probably better suited for a cocktail party with 21-year-olds rather than a sing-a-long with 4-year-olds. The outfit should have been approved before the shoot.

But my question is, why would “Sesame Street” ask Katy Perry to appear on the show in the first place? Producers had to have known what kind of entertainer she is. I mean come on, this is a girl who’s first hit song was titled “I Kissed a Girl.” Were they expecting a wholesome, squeaky clean performance from a someone that sings “… let’s go all the way tonight?”

Knowing that this is a kids show, I’m surprised Perry wasn’t more … or LESS “Katy.” She probably should have covered up and been sensitive to the fact that parents are extremely aware of modesty these days. With pornography running rampant in today’s society and with such young kids being exposed to it, I’m glad that these parents stood up for what they thought was right, and I’m glad someone listened.

Perry recently responded by appearing on “Saturday Night Live” in a skit wearing a tiny, stretched out Elmo T-shirt that was cut down the middle exposing a lot of cleavage. The whole skit was about a 16-year-old’s “developing” body and how she “shouldn’t be ashamed” to show it off now that she had a more womanly figure.

At least this was more of an adult setting to make a statement, for sure, but still rather classless in my opinion.

What do you think about Perry’s outfit on “Sesame Street”? Was it too revealing, or are parents making a big deal out of a silly dress that was made for “dress up?” Did “Sesame Street” do the right thing?

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