Swift retribution?

Of all the country singin’ celebs I’ve had the privilege to meet over the years, I have to say that Taylor Swift is one of the most genuine. She is exactly who she seems to be: happy, confident and very down to earth. Which is maybe one of the reasons why so many of her singles have sky-rocketed to No. 1. People can relate relate to her.

Swift has always been open about using real-life situations and people in her songwriting, and as her much anticipated third album, “Speak Now,” gets ready to hit the store shelves on Oct. 25, Swift is speaking out about failed past relationships.

One rumor that’s gaining momentum is that one of the tracks on the album, titled “Dear John,” is about fellow artist John Mayer. Some of the lyrics, such as “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” and “Maybe it’s you and your sick need to give love and take it away,” are making people speculate on whether there was more going on between the two than just collaborative songwriting.

“This is album number three, so I figure that these people have had fair warning,” Taylor tells People magazine.

I wonder what these guys are thinking about their former relationships being publicized? I understand the need to vent after something or someone has hurt you. Most people write in their journals or call a friend. Swift gets out her guitar and writes a chart-topping song, such as her current single “Mean,” with lyrics like, “All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean.” Such lyrics are probably making her ex-boyfriends squirm in their seats as they drive down the highway and think, “Ouch! Was that about me?”

I know I’ve made mistakes in the past by blurting things to family and friends about a fight my husband and I had or something that got on my nerves. But afterward, I usually regret opening my big old mouth. I think some things are meant to remain unspoken. Then again, I’m talking about a marriage, and Swift is talking about an ex-boyfriend.

Right or wrong, I’m sure every guy who’s ever considered dating Taylor Swift is now thinking about what it’d be like to have their relationship forever engraved on one of her albums.

Are you a Swift fan? What do you think about her songwriting style?

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