Can you justify cheating?

I think it’s ironic that country singer LeAnn Rimes is quoted on saying it was “love” for Eddie Cibrian that drove her to cheat on her husband of five years.

Although Rimes says it was out of character or “not who I am,” she says she has no regrets about her affair.

“It happens every day to so many people,” she says. “You had two couples whose marriages didn’t work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love.”

I wonder what her definition of “love” is? How can you claim to be in love with someone who you are cheating with? Lust is probably a more fitting term.

I find it hard to believe that it can be true love when you’re sneaking around, trying to keep a dishonest relationship from the one person you should be loving more than anyone.

What really bothers me, besides the fact that Rimes is justifying her affair by saying it was somehow meant to be, is how open she is about her new relationship and how happy she is now. She’s making it seem as if it’s perfectly acceptable to cheat, as long as you know you’ll like the next person better.

And what makes her so sure it’ll work out this time? I would be worried about staying in an affair that caused two marriages to end. After all, it was cheating that brought you two together. How could you trust each other not to cheat again?

The strangest statement to me in the article is when Rimes said, “We’re really happy in what we feel privately.”


This has been one of the most publicized affairs in the media over the past year! As a celebrity, everything you do, even in your private life, is blown up by the media. I believe the honorable thing to do in a situation like that is to at least tell your spouse you’re unhappy and have the decency to end the marriage before you start a new relationship. I was a huge fan of LeAnn Rimes and still enjoy a wide selection of her music, but I admit I feel as if I’ve been let down.

What do you think about LeAnn Rimes’ decision to speak out about her divorce? Do you think she’s justified in leaving her husband for real “love”? Does how a celebrity acts in their private life affect your supporting them in their career?

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