Pricey gifts vs. priceless gifts

It seems odd that when a celebrity hits it big and can finally afford to get whatever they want, whenever they want, they’re suddenly offered all sorts of free swag. From discounted prices to sample sales to front-row seats, it’s no wonder celebs are frequented quoted as living the “high life.”

This is certainly true of actress Blake Lively, who was spotted at a Christian Louboutin sample sale in New York last week. Rumor has it the star walked away with more than – get this – 40 PAIRS of new shoes. Now let’s see: if each of those famous pairs of shoes cost her around $200 – which would be on the low end at a sample sale – then Lively would have spent, oh, say, anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000.

I know all of us girls are supposed to have some sort of insane shoe fettish, but honestly … does this not seem a bit much?

Yes, I had my days after “American Idol when I had the mindset of “I’m 18 and have money to burn.” I remember my husband’s face going as white as a sheet after finding an old receipt of mine for $500 at Anthropologie. “Please … please tell me this is not how it’s going to be,” he pleaded. Alas, I’ve since given up my splurging ways, but still. Five hundred bucks is pocket change compared to $10K.

I’ve often found myself wishing for more than I have, I guess wondering what it would be like to have such a ridiculous amount of money that I can afford to buy 40 pairs of shoes in one day. But this Thanksgiving, I find myself so thankful for what I have. My loving, hard-working husband. My two beautiful healthy boys. An awesome neighborhood with some of the most caring, giving people I’ve ever met. My extended family, who live close by and are always willing to help. Freedom. Love. My faith.

From pricey gifts to the priceless gifts … what are you thankful for this year?

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