Kaptivated by the Kardashians?

The Kardashian sisters are probably the most talked about girls in the entertainment industry right now. Kourtney, Kloe and Kim have been on a whirlwind tour promoting their new book “Kardashian Konfidential.”

I caught the three on “Conan” the other night, as well as their mother, Kris, on “The View.” I was somewhat … not surprised to hear some of the things these women had to say.

All four are the perfect portrayal of luxe: gorgeous long, dark hair (Kris sports a spunky, shorter do), glowing olive skin with perfect makeup 24/7, and only the latest and greatest fashions adorning their famous hourglass figures. But while these women are undeniably stunning on the outside, they have had quite a few demons to fight in their lives.

All three have been defined by some sex scandal in their lives; one who got pregnant out of wedlock, one who became sexually active by age 14, and one who “made it” by creating and displaying a sex tape of herself on the Internet.

When asked how she felt about this as a mother, Kris Jenner responded, “Well, I go in my room, I close the door, I have a breakdown, I get hysterical … But then someone’s got to pick up the pieces and someone’s got to take charge.”

More than “taking charge” emotionally, Kris Jenner is also the sisters’ manager. And while on the one hand she says that scandals “devastate” her, she has openly encouraged her daughter Kim to pose for Playboy, saying it was a good “business decision.”


Well, apparently they talked to Hugh Heffner about the shoot, and he brought up the fact that Marylin Monroe was the first woman to pose for the magazine, and how it’s very iconic and blah blah blah. I cannot, as a mother, imagine myself encouraging my daughter to pose nude for millions and millions of people, even if it is for millions and millions of dollars.

I know these girls have a lot of controversy surrounding them and are probably not the best examples for young girls, but there is something magnetic about them. I find myself fascinated by their attitude and the things they say. For example, on “Conan” the other night, he asked what Kim was looking for in a future husband.

“Well, he has to have a six pack [of abs], small ears, a small nose…” at which point the audience-and Conan-burst into laughter. Kim quickly recovered by saying, “That’s beside the obvious things such as being funny, a family man, all that.”

Maybe she has her priorities mixed up? Or maybe to her, those are priorities in which case I feel very, very sorry for her. Because I got the only six-packed, small-eared, small-nosed man in the world.

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