Giving voice to hope

America is all about second chances.

But going from homeless to a household name overnight can be extremely overwhleming – and it seems as if “golden voice” Ted Williams has started to feel the stress of a complete life 180.

Williams has been homeless for most of his adult life, dealing with the addictions of drugs and alcohol. But he said he always knew he had a voice for radio.

One day a local news-anchorman spotted Williams holding a small cardboard sign that proclaimed he had a “God-given voice.” Williams was asked him to say something for the camera. He started talking in his best announcer voice — and the video was posted online.

It became an instant Internet sensation, and WIlliams found himself receiving offers for jobs doing voiceovers for commercials and sports teams. He was even offered a new house.

“It was like a dream finally came true,” he said after being reunited with his mother, who he hadn’t seen in more than 10 years.

Williams recently finished recording his first commercial for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, with a few rough starts.

“Sorry guys,” he said after messing up the lines the first couple of times. “It’s just been so long since I’ve done this.”

But now, after the whirlwind of instant fame and recognition has slowly started to calm, it’s been reported that Williams might be headed to rehab to work on his substance addictions.

According to a rep for Dr. Phil, who has Williams on his show this week, Dr. Phil has strongly encouraged WIlliams to check himself into rehab to get treatment.

“If Ted is ever going to get better, he’s got to be honest with himself and admit he’s addicted to drugs and alcohol,” says Dr. Phil. “I’ve told him it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. It might be a long journey for him, but this is a big step in the right direction.”

And proof that no matter how far gone your life seems, there is always hope.

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