Benefiting from a woman's act of selfless love

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed a new baby into their home on Dec. 28 through rather unusual circumstances.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban was born through a gestational carrier at The Women’s Hospital in the couple’s hometown of Nashville, Tenn. Because of privacy issues and possible complications, I’m sure, the couple decided to keep this tiny addition extremely hush-hush until after the baby was born.

“No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier,” Urban and Kidman stated.

I think it’s beyond wonderful that there are women out there who are helping families realize their ultimate dreams of becoming parents by offering to carry their children for them. I believe it’s most women’s greatest desire to grow and nurture her children — and what a beautiful act of selfless love for someone to offer a biological child to a couple who may not have been able to experience that otherwise. (This is the second child for the couple, and the fourth for Kidman, who shares custody of two others with ex-husband Tom Cruise.)

There has to be an incredible amount of trust on both ends — on the one hand, the couple is literally handing over their flesh and blood to what may have been a complete stranger to them up until that point to be a caretaker and creator for their unborn child for nine months. I’m sure they wonder every day whether that person is eating the right foods, abstaining from harmful substances or taking her pre-natals in order to give their child the best shot at life.

On the other hand, this woman who has chosen to be a gestational carrier completely gives her body over to this baby, watching it change and grow and sacrifice without getting that ultimate reward in the end. What an incredible act of selfless love.

And for many couples who have chosen to adopt, I’m sure some of this thought process is much the same.

I commend all you amazing women out there who have given so many families the ultimate gift of life. I believe man’s search for happiness ends with a happy family.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there are greater risk factors in carrying children, adopting them or using a surrogate? Is one more appealing than the others? Why?

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