Sheen's troubled family life

Growing up, I never fully appreciated how much my parents did for me. I think that’s how most kids are. They think mom’s are born with innate abilities, such as making fresh homemade meals from scratch, being able to copy any hairstyle from pageant curls to Bieber hair, and cleaning a disastrous playroom in under 15 minutes.

Dads are superheros, too; they leave at 7 in the morning, get home at 6 at night and money magically appears in wallets and bank accounts.

It’s sad to think I thought this way as a child, but the first week after my son was born I called my mom and just cried and cried. “How did you do it? I love you so much! Thank you for putting up with me!”

Sometime between waking up every two hours, changing seven-plus diapers (and outfits) a day, and nursing round the clock, a deep, unbreakable love developed. I fell totally and completely in love with my baby and this overpowering feeling of complete devotion and selfishness rooted itself deep within my soul. I remember just staring at my son as he slept thinking to myself, “I have never felt this way.”

Which makes my heart break for parents who have lost, for one reason or another, the privilege of raising their children.

This week, Charlie Sheen lost custody of his two twin boys. Police officers showed up at his house to take his children away from the home after his ex, Brooke Mueller, won a restraining order earlier that day.

“I am very concerned that (Sheen) is currently insane,” Mueller stated. “I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children’s safety while in his care.”

While this may be the best thing for Sheen, given his current situation and emotional state of health, I can only imagine how broken he must feel having his kids physically taken away from him – not to mention the fear and confusion his boys must be feeling at almost 2 years of age.

I cannot imagine having my kids taken away from me – that alone would make me clean up my act and do whatever necessary to get them back. I feel like Charlie Sheen’s entire situation is just sad – and proof that our actions can have such far-reaching consequences. It really makes you think how life can change in an instant. It also makes me want to take my two boys in my arms and never let go.

How do you feel about the whole Charlie Sheen situation that just keeps getting worse and worse? Has it made you sympathetic, angry or passive? Do you think we take loving, healthy families for granted?

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