Why good girls like bad boys

It’s been tough explaining to my husband, who can definitely be classified as a “good guy” – actually, make that GREAT guy – why in the world I was sometimes interested in the other type in high school.

Let me clarify: I didn’t intentionally go looking for the boys who would give my dad gray hair and my mom small, semi-permanent indentations on her knees (otherwise known as “prayer marks”), yet somehow every so often I’d find myself attracted to the quintessential “bad boy.”

I guess it would almost start out as a game. I’d think to myself, “Hmm … he’s kind of cute … and kind of edgy. My parents would probably be nervous if they knew I was hangin’ around with him … he probably doesn’t have good intentions … his friends aren’t the best examples … I really shouldn’t like him …,” and at that point I’d already be head over heels, ready to hop on that motorcycle (because bad boys always have motorcycles, right?) and ride into the sunset.

There’s a cockiness sorely mistaken as confidence that these type of boys posses. They don’t have to be the smartest (often times they’re not) the most driven or even the best-looking guys. It’s the “I’m all that and a bag of chips” attitude that makes us suckers swoon. I guess what we’re really attracted to is their arrogance, which in actuality is not very attractive at all.

Very confusing.

Ashley Hebert from this season of “The Bachelorette” has recently had her own bad-boy experience with ex-contestant and fellow Utahn Bentley Williams. After Monday’s episode of watching her fall for and say goodbye to one of the most horrible men I’ve ever seen on that show, it was hard not to think, “Did you honestly not see this coming?!”

Before she met Williams, Hebert received several text messages from Michelle Money, former “Bachelor” contestant who happens to be friends with Williams’ ex-wife (apparently it’s a small world here in Utah and on the “Bachelor”!) warning Hebert about the kind of person Williams was: dishonest, ill-intentioned, conniving … basically a jerk.

But Hebert decided to ignore the warning, to her own detriment, and went with her “gut” (more like her hormones) and decided to give Williams a chance, mainly based on his “gorgeous” good looks and immediate connection.

Which is always a sure thing, in my opinion (please sense the sarcasm.)

I feel bad for Hebert, but come on. Choosing to completely disregard advice from a friend about a guy who’s slimy reputation preceded him can only lead to disappointment and heartache.

And as Williams manipulated Hebert into thinking he was actually leaving the show early for his daughter (scum bag to the nth degree!) I thought I heard quiet strains of Taio Cruz’s song “I’m only gonna break break your break break your heart,” playing in the background.

What do you think it is about bad boys that pique a girl’s interest?

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