16 and Pregnant

I remember vividly the first time I found out I was pregnant.

I had already taken a few tests that were negative, but I still had that gut feeling that I was expecting. I remember the utter joy that washed over me as I saw those two little pink lines appear on the test,¬†indicating a baby was on the way. I also remember my husband’s reaction of shock, elation, and a huge new sense of responsiblity when I told him the news.

That was in April of 2008. I was 23 and had been married for just 3 years when our first son came along. Unexpected, but a wonderful surprise. We were ecstatic and completely overwhelmed to become parents. Some people would probably say I was really young-and they’d be right. I was young. But I was ready and capable and excited to become a mother.

I wouldn’t be able to say that if I were 16.

MTV’s new season of “16 and Pregnant” airs on March 27. This show makes me furious. I know some girls get pregnant out of wed-lock. I know some are teenagers. I know how completely hard and devastating and life-changing that reality is. I saw one of my good friends struggle with the decision of whether or not to put her baby up for adoption in high school after she found out she was pregnant. It broke my heart, and it breaks again when I see a TV show that’s out promoting teenage pregnancy. And if you don’t believe MTV’s actually promoting it, the fact that every year there’s a new season with another batch of pregnant high schoolers says otherwise. And I have to wonder if there are girls out there somewhere who are actually trying to get pregnant so they can be on TV.

Motherhood is tough stuff, even under the best of circumstances. It’s wonderful and completely fulfilling…at the right time.

I have not seen an episode of “16 and Pregnant” but would be interested to get your take on the show. Have you watched it? Would you let your daughters watch it?


  1. kristen

    Hi there. I am 24 years old and getting married in a few months. I am not pregnant now nor have I ever been. The show 16 and pregnant does show the additional hardships that these young ladies have to go though in addition to be in high school. I worried about the same thing when the show first aired, that these young girls would see it as a way to become famous, but in reality I think they have had so many seasons beacuse each story is so different. I think they are just trying to show everyone that it doesnt matter who you are, who your friends are, how much money your parents have, how good your grades are, etc. IT is HARD to be a mother at any age but throw in the fact that your hormones dont even know which end is up, childish romances, and high school drama and that makes it a million times more stressful. My heart breaks for these girls with ever season and I know that out of the 5 or 6 girls they follow there are thousands more that didnt think it would happen to them. I think that the show has its pros and Cons but I supposed they are different for every viewer. If any young ladies read this and need answers to their questions and dont feel that they can talk to a parent about it, you can visit. http://www.stayteen.org or itsyoursexlife.org

  2. John Charity Spring

    This show is an absolute outrage. It is a clear and obvious promotion of teenage pregnancy and pre-marital sex.

    This show not only hides the terrible consequences of illegitimate birth, it creates the false impression that there are positive consequences such as fame and fortune. This is a deliberate lie.

    From the very beginning, M-tv has attacked traditional morality and every turn. Indeed, it has been relentless in teaching teens that they should ignore all sexual boundaries and engage in any sexual act they want with any person at any time. Rasmusen should be coomended for taking a stand against this false and pernicious idea.

  3. Kristen

    I’ve never seen any episodes of 16 and Pregnant, although I have watched Teen Mom 2. I would assume that it shows an accurate representation of what these teens are going through. One girl spends most of her time mooning over her daughter’s father (who is a total jerk) and another is 19 and experiencing the pains of divorce. If I were currently a teen, watching this show would absolutely make me not want to get pregnant. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there are some girls out there who view getting on this show as a way to stardom, and that is a shame.

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