Selling Celebrities

To be a star in Hollywood, you need one thing, and one thing only: sell-ability.

Not necessarily talent. Not necessarily good looks, although both of those things certainly help.

No, I think the biggest question producers, directors, and record execs have is, “Can we sell this person?”

Last week on “Idol” when the top 24 contestants were chosen, Steven Tyler told hopeful Heejun who made quite an impression with his sense of humor this:

“You’re a better star than singer, man.”

That, in a nutshell represents the Hollywood formula for creating a celebrity. They find someone who they can market well; and then it’s up to that new “product” aka person to keep themselves in demand.

That’s where it starts to get tricky.

Some work on their talents and strive to become the best, most creative artist to date such as Adele.

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Some work on their likability quality/ sense of humor that made them so popular in the first place such as Melissa McCarthy.

Others such as Idol judge J-Lo spend hours and hours trying to achieve the perception of perfection by waxing, buffing, cutting, styling, applying, dressing, working-out and all around just trying to make their bodies as close to a goddess’ as possible hoping that will help up their game. And for Lopez, so far that formula’s worked-last year she was voted “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine.

Jennifer Lopez: Being Beautiful Is 'Part of My Job' | Jennifer Lopez

And some just frankly don’t seem to give a darn (sorry, prude here) about all the Hollywood fluff, such as new Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence which, naturally, makes her appear very “refreshing” and “down-to-earth” and therefore-surprise!-more sellable.

“I hate saying, ‘I like exercising.’ I want to punch people who say that in the face,” says Lawrence on her pre-Games required regimen to GLAMOUR magazine. On her newfound fame, she’s every bit as blunt:

“I’m doing what I love, and then I get months and months of rest,” she says. “I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old. I can’t stand it when actors complain.”


What do you think makes a star sellable? Who do you think of when you think of the word “celebrity” and what unique qualities do you think they have that make them famous?


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