Family or Couples Date Night?

Because of our crazy schedules the last…er, few months my husband and I have had to get creative on our Friday night date nights.

Creative as in, bring our two boys along.

This has worked out fine in the past, but it seems that within the last few weeks our boys have upped the energy a few notches at dinner.

At Iggy’s two weeks ago my sons were literally using the boothe as a gym mat and were running, bouncing, wrestling, and rolling around the length of it all night. My husband and I sat at either end of the semi-circle and acted as crash pads.

It was very romantic.

Because we’ve temporarily re-located to Salt Lake while our home is being built in Lehi, we don’t have the luxury of nieces, sisters, aunts, and friends who were willing to watch our boys for an evening. My husband and I both have family who live up here, but we feel guilty constantly taking turns between my parents and his (who are just a little busy.)

So we’ve started to cart our kids along. And despite having most our meal end up on the floor (sorry, Z-tejas-the four bites I had were de-lish!) we feel that family date night is better than no date night-and our kids love the change of atmosphere and special attention from mom and dad.

I recently read a post from the Chiquita Moms blog about Family Night date nights, and she had some great ideas for including kids in your night out. Check it out at

Do you still do date night as a couple, or do you bring kids along? What ideas do you have that are fun for family nights out on the town?


  1. Cat

    I agree that family activites are great. I love going to Tracy’s Avairy, the Zoo or just out for icecrem with the kids. However, I also know (24 years of marriage and 6 kids) that normal date night is essential for a couple. How about asking your parents for referrals for tending since you don’t want to ask them to tend all the time. I’ve found some really great sitters that way.

  2. Momof7

    Cat is right. It is absolutely necessary to have alone time with your spouse. My husband and I have never lived near family and have moved often. Before our eldest child was old enough to watch each other, we hired a babysitter or swapped with others we knew. I can tell a big difference when we do not get to go on a date each week. I loved something I read a while back by Douglas Brinley “You and your spouse need time together to renew your relationship…Above all, recognize that a babysitter is cheaper than a divorce.” Taking the children with you isn’t a ‘date’, it’s a family outing.

  3. Willow

    It is not a date night if children come along as far as I am concerned! You don’t have to go out for date night. Put the kids to bed and get take out or watch a movie or play board games.

    We live far away from both families and so we actually call a babysitter and have her come over for a couple of hours to watch the kids. Do it, it will change your life! Also make sure you are gone until after bedtime, then it is REALLY a break from kids and you and your spouse will have a quiet, together night for many hours!

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