Facing Your Fears

Tonight Sherri Shepherd was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” a “shocker” according to the judges.

Credit: beta.abc.go.com

Although overcome with emotion, Shepherd said something that really made me think:

“The thing that scares you the most, the thing that makes you think ‘I don’t know if I can do that’-run towards it because it’s truly amazing on the other side.”

I started to think about what scares me. What am I holding back on because I’m afraid of failure? How much more amazing could my life be if I let go of all my inhibitions?

I recently did a play with a young boy named Sammy. When asked why he tried out, he said, “My dad always tells us to do something we think is really hard every day. That day it was auditioning for this play.”

And he got the role. I was amazed at his courage. And I love the advice his father gave him. It made me want to do the same.

There’s a quote in this years’ Mary Englebreit calendar for the month of July by Jamie Lee Curtis that I love: “Everything you want in the world is just right outside your comfort zone-EVERY SINGLE THING YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT!”

Have you ever done something you thought you couldn’t or put you outside your comfort zone? How did it pay off in the end?

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