Would you pose with no…makeup?

PEOPLE magazine released its annual “Most Beautiful” issue this week with Beyonce Knowles named “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” this year.

Motherhood Makes Beyoncé Feel 'More Beautiful Than Ever'

I’m not quite sure what the criteria is for being crowned “World’s Most Beautiful”, but there were some stars that were asked to pose au natural (sans make-up) for this issue, including quirky girl Zooey Deschanel.

“I was really honored to be asked to be part of the “Beautiful People” shoot…but also really terrified to do this shoot without any makeup…I like makeup,” she says. She lists her mother as one of the most beautiful people she’s known, and says that “knowing who you are” makes you beautiful.

I love that PEOPLE does an issue featuring stars with no makeup as part of it’s “Most Beautiful” issue. I firmly believe that makeup can make you feel pretty-but it DOES NOT make you beautiful. Nonetheless, it’s one thing to run to the grocery store looking granola-esque, and quite another to pose in front of a camera for a magazine that’s viewed by millions.

I don’t agree with a lot of what Hollywood has to offer, but appreciate the fact that they at least TRY to pretend to agree it’s not all about the glitz and glamour by showing pics of gorgeous “un-glamourous” stars once a year.

That is, until I see the huge perfected photo of the glamour queen herself on the cover, perfectly poised and painted. 🙂

Would you ever pose without makeup for a family or professional picture? Tell me why.



  1. Sarah

    Hey usually I don’t like to take a pose for a family or professional picture without at least a little makeup. Because this photo will last forever where as I will not stay forever. So my photo will reach me to my photo viewers after hundreds of years. I take this sensitively. Most of the time I don’t have gorgeous makeup, but in any special functions. I don’t like heavy makeup which will hide my real beauty. Oh another thing is that I am a new makeup artist. I have been learning the right techniques of makeup form a Makeup school which is the leader in training makeup artists. Anyway, thanks for your nice post.

  2. Cat

    I’m not sure that this counts, but I haven’t worn makeup in about 15 years. I stopped caring when people stopped noticing that I wasn’t wearing any. My husband didn’t notice until I actually said somthing about it. Maybe if I didn’t wear glasses all the time, I might thing about a bit of eye makeup. But I’ve taken tons of family pictures (formal and informal) with out a single bit of makeup

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