A Mormon Bachelor?

Every season when “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” rolls around, I always say, “This is trash! This is junk! I’m not watching this one.”

 Photo by Craig Sjodin, ABC
And then….(insert vacuum sound here) I get sucked in.

I went over to my sister’s house to watch the premiere of “The Bachelorette” starring Emily Maynard on Monday. We made some treats, cuddled on the couch and gabbed about the guys, the clothes, the fact that she’s a mom, her breakup with Brad…you know. All the important stuff.

Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a single mom, or her tragic story about losing her fiance in a plane crash right before she found out she was expecting his child, six-year-old Ricki, or her classy ‘tude, but something about Emily has me a little star-struck. I know she probably won’t find love. Well, scratch that-she may find love, but the chances of it LASTING are slim to none, based on past season’s track records. And I know it’s not the “real world” they’re living in, a completely unrealistic situation, and basically a show that promotes cheating on everyone with everyone until you narrow it down to the one who still decided to stick around after weeks of sharing the same girl with 25 other guys. Weird!

So why is the show so popular? Are we that desperate to believe in the hopeless romantic who will do anything (including traveling the world for free and getting paid to make-out on TV) to find their one true match?

I don’t know why “The Bachelor” has been so popular, but there’s even a Mormon spin-off on the Internet called “The Mormon Bachelor”. The guy of the hour is Kent Tuttle, a BYU, volly-ball playing grad who’s looking to find true love the creative way. Who knows? The first round produced a marriage, so Kent could get lucky. In finding a woman to marry.

Check out Kent’s journey at www.themormonbachelorette.com. It’s probably a much cleaner, less-drama induced love story than ABC’s “The Bachelorette.”


Hey, maybe we could hook him up with Emily??? Now THAT would be a handsome couple…


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  1. John Charity Spring

    Rasmussen is dead wrong in her implication that the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows are simply harmless forms of entertainment. In truth, these shows are proof that western civilization has reached its lowest point.

    These shows create the impression that normal human behavior consists of behaving like a randy Russian princess in a rogering contest. Indeed, the participants in these shows display the worst kinds of out of control behaviors.

    Any person who values the moral welfare of herself, her family, and her community will avoid these shows at all costs. An hour of titillating entertainment is simply not worth the risk of harm.

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