Vacation Without Kids

I once heard Kelly Ripa quip, “A vacation isn’t a vacation with kids. That’s called a trip. It’s not a vacation unless it’s without kids.”

Well, under that definition, my husband and I are about to take our first.

We leave next week for a beautiful, tropical island sans our boys which I’m mostly looking forward to.

My parents, bless them, will be in charge of our two little guys for exactly four nights, three and a half days. They have plenty of cousins and aunts and grammies and grampies around to keep them entertained. So they should be fine, right?

My parents have me worried.

THEY are worried.

My little one is 19 months and my older one is three and a half years. Not so worried about him. But I keep thinking that I’m somehow going to be causing them emotional damage or that they’ll have abandonment issues because mom and dad left. 🙁 My mom keeps asking me, “What’ll I DO with two kids? What’ll I DO?” (It’s then I remind her that she raised four. How about whatever she did with us?)

I guess I’m asking for a little reassurance.

Ever left your kids while you went on a couples retreat for a few days? Regrets? Totally worth it? Peace of mind would be great right now as our non-refundable tickets to Puerto Rico are hanging over my head…


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  1. Shawnm750

    My parents used to go away on trips for a week (or sometimes longer) all the time. By the time my oldest brothers could drive, they didn’t even bother to get a babysitter, they just had someone check in ever few days. We all turned out just fine. It’s been my experience that kids who learn at an early age how to cope with being separated from their parents for extended periods do better when they get older with adjusting to life on their own. Time alone between spouses is essential in a marriage, and it’s important that children learn that too. Some children can become ingrained with the notion that they’re the center of their parents lives, and that the relationship between mom and dad is secondary. In reality however, the relationship between parents has to be strong (and nurtured) regularly, and children need to see that in order for those values to be carried into their own marriages.

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