Pageant vs. Runway — and who’s saying cover up!

According to the Wall Street Journal, this season’s look for swimwear says modest is hottest-although that wasn’t necessarily the “aim.”

Spring/Summer 2012 Swimwear Trends

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“We’re finding that women really are responding to glamour in bathing suits,” says designer and television’s “Project Runway” host Michael Kors.

Well, whether it’s glamour or goodness you’re after, the low-legged/fully covered one piece retro-suits are definitely IN.

“The latest suits hark back to the relatively chaste looks of Hollywood’s heyday,” says the Wall Street Journal.

I’ve always made the choice to wear a one piece or fully-covered tankini-and found my standards to be ever more stingy after having children. I’ve felt most comfortable being fully covered, and I know my husband feels the same way.

Sharing my feelings is Miss Northern Utah County, a future Miss Utah hopeful who is competing for the crown this weekend.

But the pageant world may be a little behind high fashion-according to one pageant director, two-piece suits are still the way to go.

“There hasn’t been a girl to win the Miss American pageant who wore a one piece in a long, long time.”

But that’s not stopping Miss Northern Utah County.

“Is it really worth sacrificing feeling comfortable with myself and my decision just to be in the top ten?” she said to ABC 4 News.

Bucking the trend may take some guts and some points off her score, but what’s really ironic, is the fact that, according to the pageant director, most girls who wear a two-piece to compete would actually never wear one to a pool.

Is that selling a double-standard?

I would think the person you are OFF the stage is the person you should portray ON it. After all, these girls are most certainly not runway models who act as mannequins to be dressed up or down whenever the winds of fashion change, but future role models, exemplars, and representatives of Utah.

I personally don’t feel comfortable wearing something that is immodest — even if it is “just a costume.” In fact, it’s actually on that stage, wearing that costume that they’ll be seen the most! Not at some random pool sans cameras and screaming fans.

What do you think about modest swimwear? Are we too stingy when it comes to having fun in the sun? Should beauty pageants have different standards for modesty?

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  1. travesaou

    Great article! I’ve always been a fan of bathing suites and underwear, in general. 🙂 They are my favourite parts of clothes. I live in a Caribbean island so I love to be bear in the sun. However, whole suite, two piece, bikini, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s about what makes you comfortable and you can’t have fun, if you’re not comfortable. Miss Utah should do what makes her comfortable, if it affects her chances of winning and she’s willing to deal with that then that’s her choice, but the pageants do need to re-focus. If the girl who shows the most skin gets the win, it makes me wonder if pageants were ever anything but a beauty contest to begin with.

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