The Ants Are Marching…

Ok, I hate to use my blog as a personal advice column, but…I’m going to use my blog as a personal advice column.

We recently (as in Saturday) moved into our beautiful new home in Lehi. There have been some small hiccups, as expected, but my main disappointment has been our tiny houseguests: ants. And their larger friends, earwigs. Of course I immediately sent my husband to the store to get some pesticide to get rid of these bugs, and after spraying it all over the outside of our home and in the garage, I learned that it is not the most kid-friendly thing to have around the home.

So, I went into panic mode and started researching all organic, green, pest control remedies such as yellow Joy soap and cinnamon (a recommendation from my grandma.)

I even made a phone call to Orkin because of their commercials I’ve seen on TV (you know, the ones with the rats playing Guitar Hero in the home while the family’s out?)

But I keep going back and forth between “it’s ok to spray” and “poison will kill us all!”

So this is where I want your advice. Are you fans of natural or more aggressive forms of pest control? Do you worry about the chemicals in your home, especially around young children?

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