Carrie Underwood kisses another man…ok, boy

How gutsy were you when you were a tween? Gutsy enough to ask one of the most popular country singers ever for your first kiss? Who also happens to married?

That’s exactly what 12-year-old Chase did as he held up a sign at a Carrie Underwood “Blown Away” concert in Louisville, Kentucky.

Carrie Underwood made Chase Kurnick’s first-kiss dream come true in Louisville at her Saturday concert. / YouTube

Underwood laughingly pulled the star-struck boy onstage to grant him his wish.

“How do you want to do it?” She asked him coyly.

“Lip to lip,” he responded to the roars of the crowd.

And lip to lip it was! After telling him to close his eyes, Underwood planted one right on his mouth, jokingly saying something about her husband not finding out about this…

So, when I first saw the video, I laughed. I thought it was super cool of Carrie to pull this boy up on stage to give him the memory of a lifetime. But I also thought it was a bit…weird? I don’t know. 12 is pretty young for a first kiss…I had mine at 14 (same as Carrie) and can’t believe how I thought I was old enough to kiss.

Then again, my little brother was only 13 and had SORT of a similar experience as Chase…ok, not really but when I was on “Idol”, fellow contestant Kim Cauldwell (21 at the time) asked him if he had ever kissed a girl before. When he responded he hadn’t yet (thank goodness) she grabbed him by the shoulders, dipped him, and gave him a peck. He was totally surprised…and delighted. My mom and I were in shock.

It seems “Sweet 16” is ancient history these days.

Do you think Underwood’s mid-performance pucker was sweet or strange?



  1. STEVE

    r u kidding that boy is the luckiest kid in the world. im an adult and i would trade places with him in a heartbeat. her next concert im gonna be there with the same sign or a will u marry me sign…..after she divorces of course!!!

  2. Dan

    It was sweet and innocent. It should not be a big deal. Carrie is as sweet as pie, and wouldn’t do anything “naughty”.

  3. Pat Landingin

    Carrie is very sweet to give this boy a memory of a lifetime. And yes, his parents were there and they approved. It was lovable and very cute !!!

  4. akashaa01

    Carrie underwood is very sweet to give this boy a memory of a lifetime. the boy is the luckiest kid in the world.carry u r rely sweet girl.

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