Paranoid about trick-or-treating?

This Halloween my thoughts and prayers are with my friends on the East Coast as they battle with superstorm Sandy. It’s a little hard to appreciate our gorgeous fall weather and peaceful nights when so many are still without power and battling the aftermath of this terrible storm.

This is the first Halloween in years to be celebrated with 70 degree weather here in Utah. My two boys are old enough to know what Halloween is all about now, and couldn’t be more excited to scream, “Trick-or-Treat!” and get free candy at as many houses as mom and dad will allow…which is about ten.

In his karate class, my oldest has been learning all about “Stranger Danger.” Advice and teaching tips about what to do if a stranger tries to get him to come into their house or car for candy has been stressed heavily within the last few weeks. And advertisements for “safe” trunk-or-treating at well-lit dentists offices, hospitals, schools, and church parking lots have been all over town.

Now I am fully aware and maybe slightly paranoid about the dangers of letting my kids roam about dark streets on a night designated for celebrating fear. However, that is exactly why I would NEVER send my toddlers out for candy alone. We are always with them. In fact, most kids around elementary school age who come to my door are not only with a huge group of little witches and ghosts and super-heros, but with at least one or two adults who are on the porch or waiting by the curb.

Would anyone really let their tiny tots wander around the streets solo? I really don’t think so. But I’m appreciative of the cautious reminders just the same.

What age do you think is appropriate for sending your kids out “on their own” for trick-or-treating? And by that time, have they out-grown it anyway?

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  1. caitlin

    i went with my friends this year im fourteen but it was a group and we walked with my yw leader for a while to. YOU ROCk! love peri caitlin

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