Wives With Beehives

Feminists, beware.

Wives with Beehives Pilot - H 2012

TLC’s new show “Wives With Beehives”┬ámay blow your top. This cool new show follows four women who are living the 50’s lifestyle 18 karat: rolled hair, period clothes, old fashioned appliances (or sometimes no appliances-one woman doesn’t own a dishwasher) and vintage cars. In fact, every home looks eerily like the ones pictured in “The Truman Show.”

“The pride people took in everything they did…everything was done with such opulence,” says Leslie, 43.

And these women certainly know how to keep their cribs looking fly.

“When Bobby comes home at night, I like to make sure the house is perfect and immaculate,” said Amber, 37. “I strive to be the best homemaker for my husband,” she says and hands him a tin lunchbox on his way to work.

It’s been fascinating to watch, because I think in a really weird, over-the-top sort of way, these women have a point.

Bear with me here: Sometimes we beat ourselves up too much as women, right? We think others (husbands, friends, our mother) expect us to be perfect Stepford housewives that go on Pintrest late at night to find new and exciting ideas of how to decorate, cook, and organize our homes, our pride and joy. We feel guilty going to the store to buy a new neighbor a pie instead of sweating it out in the kitchen all day to create a Martha Stewart-inspired hand crafted creation from scratch. We feel majorly accomplished if we shower, let alone spend an hour in front of the bathroom mirror “getting glamorous.”

We knock ourselves down for not being good enough, then turn around and give our friend’s advice such as, “Girl, you do too much! Relax! Take some ‘you’ time! Eat a cookie in the middle of the day!”

But we can’t seem to take that advice ourselves.

But here’s the kicker: WHY do we feel guilty? I’m going to get slightly controversial here. My own personal theory of why I PERSONALLY sometimes feel guilty is because I know I CAN do more. There are stages and seasons to life, and sometimes it’s ok to sit on the couch and toss Cheerios to your rambunctious kids while you focus on growing another one inside you, for example.

But…isn’t there always going to be an excuse? I’m pregnant. I’m nursing. I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m emotionally spent. I’m overwhelmed. I’m busy. I’m bored.

I know that for me, when I stop making excuses and actually try to be the best mother, wife, and yes, HOMEMAKER I can be, I feel incredibly fulfilled. I think I can take more time to take pride in what I do as a housewife. I agree with the mentality of wanting a very stable, comfortable, and welcoming home for my family to enjoy.

Now. That doesn’t mean I’m going to flip my lid and trade in my iPod for a record player.

I think you can embrace some of the “50’s mentality” without literally trying to go back in time. I believe in progression, and welcome the wonderful new opportunities for women in today’s world.

I think perhaps these four women of “Wives With Beehives” are afraid of that. None of them grew up in or were even born around the 50’s, and yet they talk about the era as if they’ve lived it. The can do research and create an environment based on what they’ve studied that they determine is safe, stable, and predictable-because it’s already past and gone. That way, they can block out as much of the modern world as possible.

There are some things about today’s world that I’d rather do without (video games would be one of them. We will never own a Wii or Playstation.) But there are also so many wonderful new advancements and possibilities for “modern” homemakers like me (like my LG washing machine. With a steam option for wrinkle-erasing.)

And I can still greet my husband with a kiss when he comes home from work without the pearls, gloves, pill box hat, and red lipstick.

Although maybe I’ll give that a try sometime.


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