Woman judges children — and their parents — based on names

“We’re not naming our boy that.”

My husband shook his head as I offered several suggestions with our firstborn son. In fact, we had a hard time deciding on a name until my sister, through some coaxing, reluctantly told me the name she had picked out for her firstborn boy: Boston.

So we named ours Boston Bradley.

But according to British woman Katie Hopkins, that means her children would never be allowed to play with our son.

“I think you can tell a great deal from a name,” Hopkins tells “This Morning” talk show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Among the many different categories of names such as names after seasons, football players or celebrities, Hopkins says she does not like “geographical location” names.

Whoops. That’s two strikes against us. (Beckham is the name of our second boy.)

But WHY in the world would that matter?

“Ultimately it comes down to the mum or the dad because they’re the ones that gave the child the name. … I tend to think that children with intelligent names have fairly intelligent parents, and they make much better playmates for my children.”

Hopkins says she would never let a child by the name of “Tyler” or “Charmaine” become close friends with her children.

“Listen to what you’re saying!” host Holly Willoughby says, completely astounded. “You judge children! Based on their names! It’s extraordinary.”

“Yes, Holly, I do do that,” Hopkins declared.

Guest Anna May Mangan disagreed vehemently with Hopkins, calling her an “insufferable snob.”

“Working class children are doing incredibly well, and for you to categorize them based on their names is cruel and unkind and so snooty.”

Mangan goes on to say that she was not allowed to play with the “upper-class” children because of her Irish nam, and was very hurt by it. She went on to become very successful and has a daughter who has graduated and qualified to become a doctor. Judging people, judging children based solely on their first name is “just so old-fashioned.”

“Where does it get you and your children to do that?”

“It’s about making quick decisions,” says Hopkins. “We are, really, time-short in this world, and we need to make quick decisions. It’s very effective. It’s very quick. It’s about making fast choices for your children that you think are for the best.”

Apparently, this judgement only applies to other parents and their kids: Hopkins calls her daughter India.

What do you think of this absurdity? What’s REALLY in a name, and can you judge someone so quickly based on what they’re called?


  1. Tyler's mom

    I don’t know about the other Tylers out there, but mine is growing up to someday be the type of guy that any mom would want her daughter to associate with. What a foolish woman to judge by the name and not the character.

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