Man wakes up from surgery to a beautiful ‘eye candy’ wife!

Ah, anesthesia … it does some funny things to people, and this video is probably one of the funniest I’ve seen!

Newstalk image

┬áJason Mortensen wakes up from surgery to “the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”… who happens to be his wife!

She keeps telling her disoriented hubby to “eat your cracker” while he goes on and on about her good looks. Finally she tells him that the two are married and he is SHOCKED!

That woman must have been beaming the rest of the day. It’s always nice to hear your spouse thinks you’re attractive, but especially when one is just waking up from general anesthesia and is brutally honest and extremely complimentary to boot … is just hilarious and too cute. Watch the video and laugh out loud.

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