‘How to fight a baby’ video gets mixed reactions

*This dad curses a time or two.

Think your baby’s rough? Dad of three Gavin McInnes is out to prove that they’re “easy peas”-and has some fightin’ moves to show it!

The YouTube video has since garnered more than 8 million hits, and shows McInnes roughhousing with his little one, including tossing him on the bed, doing the “choke hold,” and blowing in his face.

“This is a very little known technique for fighting babies,” McInnes informs, propping his child up on his chubby legs. “Their one achilles heel is WIND.”

The video is made in good humor and seems rather innocent and sweet enough, but some  viewers are concerned that his play is TOO rough for baby. According to TODAY.com, McInnes is “unconcerned.”

“I mean, I would hate if child services took my children away, but outside of that, I’m not concerned if it makes people mad or not,” he said.

And he may have a point. Recent studies have proven roughhousing and wrestling to be beneficial, especially for boys.

According to TODAY.com, “Research within the past decade has shown the benefits children receive from rough-and-tumble horseplay, including gaining confidence, learning how to handle their bodies, and taking chances. The book “The Art of Roughhousing,” which is co-written by a medical doctor and a psychologist, said horseplay can actually help make kids smarter and more emotionally intelligent by teaching them how to interact with others and teaching them self-control, fairness and empathy.”

Whenever I’d see my nephews wrestling before I had kids, I always thought they were mad or doing it to be mean. But rarely did they ever come out the other end worse for wear-in fact, most times any squabbles were squandered and aggressive energy released. The boys felt better after some good old fashioned horsin’ around.

“I think the safety pendulum has swung too far,” he said. After making the video, he showed it to his family. “Even my mother-in-law, my archenemy, was OK with it.”


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  1. Shawnm750

    I grew up with three older brothers (and a younger sister that knew how to hold her own) and I agree that roughhousing is good for all children – not just little boys. Obviously parents have to do some supervising to ensure that kids don’t hurt each other badly, but I think it does a lot to teach them about learning limits when it comes to physical contact. I know some parents who protect their kids SO much that the slightest bump sends them crying to mom and dad. On the flip side, my nieces and nephews get into brawls all the time and throw some questionably hard blows, but they all still walk away laughing…usually. (I should interject here that I’m often the instigator of said brawls.) I remember playing Bloody Knuckles in elementary school. I don’t think kids today could get away with that. I’ve seen McInnes’s video, and I thought it was great. I think more parents need to take a page from his book and do a little roughhousing of their own. It might just help them relieve some stress while having some good old-fashioned fun!

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