“Biggest Loser” winner being attacked for looking too skinny

Rachel Frederickson, Biggest Loser

You can’t win for losing.

Tuesday night’s “The Biggest Loser” finale showcased the contestants and their new, fit bods. All of them lost an insane amount of weight-some more than half their original body weight! That is a “huge” accomplishment!

But winner Rachel Frederickson has come under fire for possibly taking the show too far. Starting out at 260 lbs, Frederickson ultimately lost 165 lbs, which means she now barely tips the scales at 105, the smallest contestant ever to win TBL.

It was interesting to watch the judges and fellow contestants’ faces as Frederickson took the stage. Shock, awe, some smiles, but also worry showed among the crowd as a very small, very skinny woman happily waved and blew kisses to her former “fat” self.

“Oh my…” whispered trainer Jillian Michaels.

“I finally came out of hiding and shared my story and it’s that moment where I had to say, ‘I’m going to embrace being me and being different’ and just choosing to own my path and move forward in this life and know that I can take control and do anything that I want,” a teary Frederickson told host Alison Sweeney.

The Twitter world went crazy after Frederickson’s reveal. @momma_problem tweeted, “‘The Biggest Loser’ champ this year looks scary. I hope she’s healthy.” @LizHardman84 said, “Disappointed in the I hope they address that Rachel lost too much weight! not .”

But not everyone agreed. @RainyDay_Coffee said, “So inspired by @rachelinspires to get my life together. So many mountains to hike and countries to see. #teamrachel #biggestloser.”

The show always flashes a disclaimer at the end of every episode, including the finale reading, “Our contestants were supervised by doctors while participating in the show, and their diet and exercise regimen were tailored to their medical status and their specific needs.”

If this is indeed true, than Rachel Frederickson’s weight loss was closely monitored and carefully watched. It’s not unhealthy to weigh 105 lbs in and of itself if your BMI is within a healthy range and you are taking care of yourself and eating a well balanced diet and exercising appropriately.

But this is a show! These people are competing for a quarter million dollars! I’m sure the final three push for the finale week to try and make as much of a statement as possible.

The day after the finale, Frederickson told Today, “I’m not sure (I’ll maintain this weight), but I plan to try new exercises and just continue on this path and see where that takes me.”

ANY extreme-over or under-weight is unhealthy. But losing 59% of your previous body weight to get your life in order and stay healthy is a pretty amazing feat. I wish beautiful Rachel Frederickson all the best.

Did you see “The Biggest Loser?” What do you think of Rachel Frederickson’s weight loss? Amazing or extreme?





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