“Jesus Baskets” instead of “Bunny Baskets”

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I am in St. George for Easter this year.┬áMy husband is in China. Our kids are with me, so I’ve taken on the responsibility of creating this year’s Easter baskets.

We had a fun little Easter egg hunt with our neighborhood friends before we left, and had a blast decorating eggs and meeting the Easter bunny. I think some commercialism is fun and entertaining, but my question is always, “How can I keep this more focused on the Savior rather than treats and eggs and Peeps?”

I have to admit, Easter stresses me out a little. More than Christmas, which is probably completely opposite of most people, like my good friend Whitney from “Mercy River.” But I get stressed because I never know what to put in those darn Easter baskets. I don’t like my kids to have a lot of junk. I really am NOT GOOD at encouraging the story about the Easter bunny, and I struggle trying to teach my boys about the most important event in the history of the world without losing them or confusing them.

So let’s go back to Whitney. As I was scrolling through my Facebook late one night/early one morning, I came across her brilliant idea of the Jesus basket. Not an Easter basket delivered by the Easter bunny-but a Jesus basket, delivered with love from mom and dad, filled (mostly) with reminders about Jesus and things that bring us closer to Him. I loved the idea of creating a little treat basket with things that would remind my boys of their Savior.


I am always surprised how under-celebrated? or perhaps under-appriciated? Easter is. Maybe it’s just because I don’t personally take enough time to really ponder and think and thank. I know it’s next to impossible to understand everything the Savior went through in Gethsemane and on the cross, but it is absolutely possible to understand many things, and the more I learn and understand and comprehend, the more love and gratitude and awe I feel towards my Savior.

I am so so grateful for my Savior and His sacrifice. I know Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for me, for you, for every person who has walked on or will walk on this earth. That statement is so powerful, so true, so magnificent that words cannot describe my awe and astonishment and inadequate gratitude. I know He loves us infinitely. I know He knows me personally. I am grateful for this beautiful time of year and the rebirth of the world. Everything truly points to Him, and this year, our little Easter baskets hopefully will be more of a representation of Him than a giant bunny.

Happy Easter!



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