“Cinderella” plastic surgery: reshaping feet to fit the heels of your dreams


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I could’t believe this when I first read the article in “Elle.”

Women have gone through centuries of pinching, wrapping, corseting, shaving, painting, waxing, highlighting, tattooing, glossing, Spanxing, and surgically enhancing or reshaping our bodies to look any way we want. And it never seems to be enough.

A terrifying new procedure is catching fire around the globe. Called the “Cinderella” surgery, the goal is to re-shape women’s feet to fit into their favorite pair of shoes.

According to “Elle,” Beverly Hills doctor, Dr. Ali Sadrie “simply alters your foot to the shape of a shoe you want to wear, but can’t. Because, you know, why buy another pair of shoes if your foot doesn’t fit them? That would be crazy.”

Other foot procedures include the “Perfect 10” where toes are cut off and reshaped to fit into smaller shoes, or the “Model T” where toes are actually somehow lengthened to fit into larger ones.

As if our faces, breasts, buns, and stomachs weren’t enough to mess with!

I am not against plastic surgery. I know plenty of women who have, and plenty of women who haven’t had it. I don’t have a strong opinion either way as of right now, because I’m still having children and watching my body grow and shrink, grow and somewhat shrink, grow and sort of sag…so paying a lot of money to have everything “fixed” doesn’t make sense to me as nature will have it’s way sooner or later while I’m still growing babies. I’ll have to wait and see what kind of shape (or un-shape) my body is in when we’re through having children, and if I feel there’s something I want reconstruct then I’ll think about it. For example, I think I’d like to have a belly button again. Somehow mine got lost after the second boy was born.

BUT. I can confidently say with a resounding YES that I am 100% against getting this kind of plastic surgery. It’s one thing to get your stomach muscles sewn back together, or your bosom looking more like a bosom instead of deflated balloons. It’s quite another to cut off your toes or shave off your heel to be able to wear a specific type of shoe!

I’ve never been much of a shoe gal. My husband would laugh out loud at this statement, but it’s true. At one time I owned a fair amount, but not because I went out and bought a hundred pairs, but because I inherited them from photo shoots, music videos, tours, etc.

But I have exactly ONE pair of shoes I wear every single day of my life unless it’s Sunday or date night, and that is an almost 10-year-old pair of well-worn brown leather Dansko’s which, speaking of re-shaping, have molded themselves to my feet. They are coming apart at the seams. I love them. And I think they love me.

But this type of “Cinderella” procedure makes me sick to my stomach. Ladies: can we please stop trying to always “fix” ourselves? But seriously! Let’s get healthy. Let’s keep our hearts and minds and bodies working well so we can be our best selves. We’ve got a lot to do, and I am confident we can do it looking and feeling great.

But let’s not cut off our toes to feel “prettier.” Ok?



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