Offensive(?) pregnancy tees are removed from shelves


This is the first time in six years besides a brief six month period between my second and third son that I haven’t been either pregnant or breastfeeding. That means in the nine years (this December) I’ve been married, two-thirds of that time I’ve been sustaining and growing three lives. Which is an amazing, incredible, exhausting thing.

I don’t take the fact that I’ve been able to bear and birth and bring up children lightly. While it’s been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, it has been BY FAR the most rewarding and revealing opportunity. I’ve learned so much about myself and about the meaning of charity, service, selflessness and pure joy. I feel my Heavenly Father and Savior’s love more fully when I mother.

But let’s go back to being pregnant. Along with the beauty and wonder of it all comes inevitable awkwardness. Like…waddling. And crying…a lot. And having a freakishly amazing sense of smell. And the appetite of a 14-year-old boy. And accidentally peeing your pants when you sneeze. And suddenly not caring who hears you break wind. (Wait-do other moms care?)

You have to be able to laugh A LOT during pregnancy to get you through the grueling nine month wait. Recently, the popular store “A Pea in a Pod” attempted to cater to a more sarcastic crowd with some new graphic tees emphasizing just that, but with disastrous results.

The clothing store released a line of shirts with sayings such as, “Wake Me Up When I’m Skinny,” and “I Miss My Waist.” And the public responded.

According to Today online, women took to social media to vent, calling the shirts “disgusting” “in poor taste” and “disrespectful.”

“Pregnancy does not = fat,” one comment read. Apparently, women think the shirts are trying to proclaim that “there’s something wrong with a woman’s body” when they’re pregnant.

The firm responded quickly to the backlash and released a statement Friday that read:

“We have taken immediate reaction to remove a T-shirt from our stores and website that was perceived as offensive. We apologize to anyone we may have unintentionally disappointed. We strive to offer products that celebrate pregnancy and are committed to supporting the health and wellness of moms-to-be and their families.”

I understand how these shirts can be offensive…sort of. But my honest reaction when I saw the shirts was, “Huh! That’s kind of funny.” The fact is…WOMEN GAIN WEIGHT WHEN THEY GROW BABIES. That’s kind of just part of the deal. And our stomachs-at least MINE-can get unbelievably, astronomically, huge. My father-in-law used to walk past me and shake his head, saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stomach stick out that far.”

And I’d laugh and say, “Me, either!” I knew my stomach wasn’t going to stay like that forever, because the baby I was housing wasn’t going to stay there forever! The growing and changing just came with the package and I was ok with that. I personally think we’ve become so paranoid about offending people that we’ve forgotten something incredibly important, especially when it comes to pregnancy:

A sense of humor.

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