Kenny Chesney’s “hip” new song

Kenny Chesney has always been one of my favorite country singers. Maybe it’s because my older sister and brother-in-law listened to him all the time, so I thought he was cool. Or that somehow, almost every song on his “When the Sun Goes Down” CD has a memory tied to it.

And, being able to climb aboard his beach-themed multi-million dollar tour bus a few years back didn’t hurt, either. (I even took a picture of me wearing his baseball cap-too bad I don’t have it anymore!)

Kenny’s back and his new album, “The Big Revival” is set to release in September. His first single, “American Kids” is all about having fun and being care-free.

“The spirit of this thing [is] the song, the bus, the idea of the kids riding around, having fun, playing music and just celebrating life,” Chesney told ET of the YouTube vid. “If I could create a video where it wasn’t so literal, but more about the state of mind and the freedom my fans embrace, then to me, that’s the best way to capture the song on film.”

I took a listen to the song, excited to hear some new tunes from K-dog. But I’m not really sure it’s “kid” friendly: the lyrics talk about making out on the couch, getting to second base, and blowing smoke Saturday night. “A little messed up, but we’re all alright.” Not exactly the kind of childhood I had…

It will be interesting to see how his fans react. My guess is, they’ll welcome his new tune with open arms and lots of love.

I’m not sure I’m on board.

I did, however, like the new artwork for his album, along with the reason behind it.

“I wanted an album cover that was surprising … Not what people expect, but that also suggests anything is possible,” Chesney told Billboard of the concept. “That no matter where you are in your life, how tired or lost or demoralized, with a little faith and a little help, anything is possible … Because it’s all within you! Or me.”

Kenny Chesney Returns with a Hippie School Bus 'Revival' Ride| Country, Kenny Chesney

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