Cruel prank gets turned around in an amazing way for one Texan homecoming queen

Believe there is good in the world!

In Texas last week, a few mean high school girls (unnamed) decided to trick another girl, Lillian Skinner into believing she had been nominated for the homecoming queen along with two of her best friends, Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez who attend Grand Prairie High School.

Little did they know, Alvarez and Martinez found out about the plot and decided to give up their crown to Skinner, should either of them win.

“She’s so sweet,” Anahi Alvarez tells NBC. “We need people in this world like Lilly.”

“We promised each other and we were like, ‘No matter what, no backing down. If one of us wins, we’re giving Lillian the crown,'” Martinez said.

On a Friday night at the Gopher-Warrior Bowl, in front of thousands of friends, fans, and family members, that promise was kept.

The girls let Principal Lorimer Arendse in on the plan, should he read one of their names.

“In all my time in school, this is probably the greatest moment I’ve ever experienced as a principal,” said Arendse.

According to NBC online, “It was Arendse’s job to escort Skinner onto the field, under the guise of helping to take pictures of the homecoming court’s procession. So Skinner had front row seats for when her friend, Anahi Alvarez, was named 2014 homecoming queen.”

“When she won the queen, I took a picture and [Alvarez] told me to come over,” Skinner said.  “And I said, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s your crown, you know? My name is not on the list,'”

But Alvarez was insistent, and put the crown in Skinner’s head.

“I was like, ‘Wow, really? Like, wow! Like, is this a dream or something?'” Skinner said Tuesday, pinching her arm as she did.

“Seeing the look on her face and the way she reacted toward it, it was priceless,” said Martinez. “I knew it was the right decision.”

“Well, for me, I want to say, and I always say, ‘Lilly won. I just ran in her place, in her position,'” Alvarez said. “When they ask me, ‘Were you homecoming queen?’ I say, ‘No, Lilly is homecoming queen.'”

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