Taylor Swift misses CMA awards as she makes the transition to pop music



photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson, Yahoo! Music

The first time I heard Taylor Swift’s single, “Shake it Off,” I didn’t recognize who it was. It was so different, so pop-y that I was kind of shocked to hear the DJ-on a Top 40 station-announce who it was.

I guess I haven’t been up-to-speed on my Swift news lately. Apparently Swift made an announcement to fans in August that her new album released October 27 was her “first documented official pop album,” as she told fans at the Empire State Building.

Jason Lipshutz, associate editor at Billboard said, “I don’t think it’s Taylor Swift deserting [country music] as much as it’s Taylor Swift trying something new.┬áHer last album was based in country music, but it had a lot of bubblegum pop in it. She’s always been a great storyteller, but she’s been trying her hand at pop music more and more.”

Her album hit the one million mark its first week, making her the only artist in history to hit the platinum mark for three records straight during the first seven days of release.

“That was the most insane thing, when we got the first hint that we might end up actually getting to do it,” Swift told Yahoo! Music.

“And then the fans ended up making that happen, so it’s been just kind of like a dream scenario all the way around. And I just feel so lucky that people seem to understand what I was doing with this album and loved the new direction of it.”

Swift’s absence was noticeably missing from the CMA awards Wednesday night, and hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood made a joke about Swift not being there, calling it, “Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder,” or PPTSD.

But Swift has been slowly infusing her music with pop and rock influences for several years.

“It’s kind of a complete transition that if you’ve been paying attention, you could see coming,” Lipshutz said.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s shift? Do you think it will be helpful or hurtful to her in the future to leave her country roots behind?

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