Barbara Walters reveals of 7 of 10 “Most Fascinating People of 2014”

Barbara Walters is doing something she swore she’d never do again: hosting another “Most Fascinating People” special. Set to air this Sunday, December 14, Walters said she only regrets not choosing Pope Francis. “He would have been great!” she told host Jimmy Fallon who originally made the suggestion.

1. Scarlett Johansson: “What was surprising to me was that she forgot to tell me that she was married!” Walters told ABC news. “But she does very few interviews, and she was extremely open.”

2. Neil Patrick Harris: “It’s such a sign of our times, the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is someone who appeals to both men and women, and is married, and has babies,” she said.

3. Chelsea Handler: “She’s very funny and the fact that she’s taking a new route… [is] adventurous,” Walters said. “You peel away the top layer, the thing that they say all the time, and you try to really find out who they are and what makes them tick.”

4. David Koch: “He’s huge! Koch Industries owns everything from Dixie cups to oil wells, and I was happy to talk to him.”

5. Michael Strahan“There’s whole trend of big, hunky football men becoming stars and he’s the leader of the group,” she said. “He was very upbeat, very easy to talk to.”

6. Taylor Swift: “Most stars don’t want to have anything to do with their fans after they’ve done the performance,” said Walters. “She does.”

7. Oprah Winfrey: “Oprah and I talk very much about taking time for ourselves,” she said, “but as she said, she can’t remember the last 25 years and I feel [the same]!”

Tune in on December 14 on ABC to find out the remaining three. Hint: Walters said the most fascinating person is NOT a politician!

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