Big Grammy night

The Grammy awards aired Sunday, February 8 and boasted some amazing performances.

One of my favorites was Ariana Grande’s “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.” Usually performing upbeat, fast and sassy songs, Grande toned things down for a ballad that was still incredibly powerful and moving. I liked this song because you got to hear her amazing voice without so much production behind it.

The “Best New Artist” award went to breakout man Sam Smith. Taylor Swift gave the award to Smith and joked, “I happen to have a lot of friends in this category this year so I just want to say, as a former loser of “Best New Artist” in 2008, if you do not win this award, it’s gonna be fine. Just like, shake it off.”

Pharrell Williams won “Best Solo Performance” for his smash it, “Happy.” He graciously thanked everyone he was up against for the award, as well as his label saying he didn’t want to “make this awkward”…and even though he totally did, it was adorable and well-desereved.

“Best Pop Vocal Album” went to Sam Smith, making it two wins for him for the night. “Before I made this record I was doing EVERYTHING to try and get my music heard. I tried to lose weight and was making awful music and it was only until I started being myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.”

Madonna gave a provocative performance of “Living for Love” introduced by Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Not my taste, but the crowd stood by their material girl and gave her a rowdy applause at the end.

“Best Rock Album” went to Beck followed by a great performance by Ed Sheeran, singing one of my favorite new love songs, “Thinking Out Loud.” He lowered the song for his live performance, making me wondering if he was feeling a little under the weather. Still sounded great to me, I always appreciate live music.

“Best Country Album” went to Miranda Lambert for her album, “Platinum.”

The oddest performance of the night has to go to Pharrell Williams, for his same song “Happy” that won him a Grammy. It was played partly in a minor key, with dancers dressed in black hoodies and pants, and classical musicians playing yellow violins. It did not come across…happy.

Katy Perry gave a moving and heartbreaking performance, “By the Grace of God” about with a powerful introduction from a victim of abuse who broke free from a bad relationship and was able to find beauty and value in herself, and in life.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga performed surprisingly well together. I’ve said it before, take away Lady Gaga’s freaky costumes and odd characters, and you have one extremely talented artist. Gaga has an amazing voice, and great charisma. She is phenomenal live…still a little goofy, but what do we except from Gaga, after all?

Dwight Yokum and Brandy Clark gave a great acoustic performance of her song “Hold My Hand.” Clark was up for two awards, and after her performance, you could see why.

Paul McCartney, Rhianna, and Kanye West did their odd mash-up song, “FourFiveSeconds” and had the crowd singing along.

Sam Smith brought the house down with his mash-up with Mary J. Blige with his hit, “Stay with Me.” The duo had a moment where they took turns singing to each other that was a little more forced than they probably wanted. “Staaaay with meeee….”, okay now let’s hug.

Prince introduced “Album of the Year”, giving it to Beck, making it his second win of the night.

Ok…remember how I said the oddest performance when to Pharrell Williams? No way. Not even close. Oddest and most disturbing performance went to Sia with guest performer Kristen Wiig who did a contemporary dance dressed as the star complete with a blonde wig and nude leotard. I really wanted to laugh, but I was too disturbed to get a giggle out.

“Song of the Year” went to Sam Smith, beating out Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor for his song, “Stay With Me.” As much as I like the song, I think it should have gone to one of the girls.

Wait-record of the year…album of the ¬†year…what’s the difference between a record and an album? Can you tell I’m getting tired of this THREE HOUR awards show? Oh yes, a record is one track verses the entire album. So…why is there also a song of the year? Hmm. Now I’m really confused.

Sam Smith won “Record of the Year” as well…wow, he is on fire!

Beyonce ended the evening with a gospel, show-stopping performance looking like an angel. And that, my friends, is not even the complete list. Click here to see all the winners.












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