Another Utah talent showcased on “America’s Got Talent”


Tonight a family from Salt Lake City, Utah auditioned for “AGT.” But their “talent” was…well, more like crazy stunts. Meet the “Godfrey Clan” seven cousins who love adventure.

“It’s a crazy family that just does crazy stuff,” they said. “I don’t know that we really have a talent. What we do is a combination between really dangerous and really dumb.”

This includes being pulled behind a snow-mobile while seated on a couch, building homemade bike ramps, attempting back flips off of anything, and getting hurt. A lot.

“Our family broke several collarbones last year,” they boasted. “If you don’t get hurt-” one began-“you’re not trying!” A sibling responded.

For their stunt on AGT, the family dove down a huge slip-n’-slide and shot through a ring of fire. The audience loved it-but the judges thought it looked too “fun.”

“Great for a fair, but not great for AGT,” said Heidi.

“The most amazing thing about that act was their mom gave birth to all of them!” said judge Howard Stern. “Now that’s talent.” Sorry, Howard. Brothers (and sisters) from different mothers.

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