Singer/songwriter Tyler Ward tells girls, “Boys are stupid!”

Tyler Ward wants young women to know that they shouldn’t trust boys who are pressuring them into sex before marriage.

In a new vlog series Ward has posted to YouTube, he speaks openly and candidly about boys who are “stupid.” The right boy will let you wait until marriage, Ward says. “He will set you and your purity up for success.”

This idea of “wait until you’re married” has long since been considered old-fashioned by the world’s standards. Many people believe being intimate while dating is the only way to know if you want to be serious with that person. But girls that give it up too soon will regret it, Ward says.

“Stay rooted, and know your worth,” he said. “You deserve to be pursued by a man.”

As a mother of four boys, I would just like to say that sometimes the phrase “boys are stupid” is thrown around a bit too casually. Ignorant, maybe. Immature, definitely. But not all boys are stupid, inappropriate, dirty, or jerks. There are many, many good ones out there.

That being said, this vlog was a great reminder to both sexes about what is important in relationships, and what is worth waiting for.

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