From “PEOPLE” online Bachelor fans, here’s another reality show about love you might enjoy: Melissa Rycroft who appeared on Season 13 of “The Bachelor” was originally chosen by bachelor Jason Mesnick, then publicly dumped on an “After the Final Rose” episode for runner-up Molly. A few years later, Rycroft found love with hubby Tye Strickland, but not until after a rough and rocky start. The series “My Crazy … Continue reading»

Last night I saw one of the funniest interviews on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Nicole Kidman came on and there was immediate chemistry between the host and guest-although not quite what you’d think. Apparently, Kidman had been “set up” with Fallon, unbeknownst to him. He got a call from a buddy saying that Kidman wanted to talk to Jimmy about being in the  movie “Bewitched” (starring … Continue reading»

Outrageously expensive gifts from celebs

If you’ve been sick to the stomach about breaking the bank this holiday season, don’t worry: here are some ridiculously priced presents that celebrities have given their loved ones to make you feel better about that pocket change you spent at Nordstrom, as seen on 1-One wall of flowers Kanye West showed his love (or extremism) by sending Kim Kardashian a giant garden wall of roses, hydrangeas … Continue reading»

Barbara Walters is doing something she swore she’d never do again: hosting another “Most Fascinating People” special. Set to air this Sunday, December 14, Walters said she only regrets not choosing Pope Francis. “He would have been great!” she told host Jimmy Fallon who originally made the suggestion. 1. Scarlett Johansson: “What was surprising to me was that she forgot to tell me that she was married!” Walters told … Continue reading»

I love going on to read inspirational stories and watch uplifting videos. Sundays are perfect days for that, and today, this message from Elder L. Tom Perry hit home. My favorite quote from his talk is this: “It is my firm conviction that there has never been a period in my many years of life when our Father in Heaven’s children have needed the guiding hand of … Continue reading»

Happy Thanksgiving!

(TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images) This morning I woke up bright and early to the sounds of my three boys giggling and laughing with each other. We are staying with my parents this weekend, in a one-room casita with two beds. We are happily squished and smashed in there, but even though it’s a little cramped, I found myself waking up this morning with overwhelming feelings of love for … Continue reading»

I love Jimmy Fallon. My husband and I watch the Tonight Show almost every night before we turn in and last night Jimmy did a fantastic cover of U2’s hit “Desire” with The Roots. “Bono hurt his arm in a cycling accident yesterday. He’s doing fine, he’s in the hospital recovering and we wish him all the best, uh…but the show must go on. This just happened yesterday, … Continue reading»

Kelly Ripa on the Wendy Williams Show Tuesday, Nov. 4   Kelly Ripa doesn’t care if her kids like her. On a recent visit to the Wendy Williams Show, Ripa explained why. “She recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it’s like taking away oxygen,” Ripa said. Lola, Ripa’s daughter, broke the house rules of no tweeting or texting during study time. “I don’t think she likes … Continue reading»

  . photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson, Yahoo! Music The first time I heard Taylor Swift’s single, “Shake it Off,” I didn’t recognize who it was. It was so different, so pop-y that I was kind of shocked to hear the DJ-on a Top 40 station-announce who it was. I guess I haven’t been up-to-speed on my Swift news lately. Apparently Swift made an announcement to fans in August that … Continue reading»